A fabulous team building activity where fun and creativity are combined into a wonderful jewellery making workshop. These sessions are suitable for absolute beginners, men and women alike.

You can chose the subject for the work, or produce a strategic piece that addresses any issues within your organisation. We will work with you to develop your programme of activities and help your team come together to produce beautiful pieces in a relaxed atmosphere.

A clear brief will be given and an experienced tutor will support and guide you throughout the tasks set. A professional facilitator will also be on hand to ensure that you achieve the objectives you have set out.

The craft of jewellery making will inspire and stimulate your staff, not only creating a bond, but enlivening and rejuvenating your teams creativity. The ancient craft of jewellery making is fascinating as well as meaningful. Jewellery has always been a means to express ones place in society and can be utilised to represent any qualities.




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