Course Outline

Stones can be set directly into carved wax pieces and cast using the lost wax casting technique, allowing for an experimental approach to mounting and setting gemstones.

This one day course is an exciting opportunity to discover how to set gemstones in wax to create beautiful jewellery.

You may choose to bring along your own project or use the provided wax to create a ring and/or pendant to practice the taught techniques.

This introductory course will give you an insight into how to approach the medium through a series of demonstrations followed by individual practice.

What will we learn?

You will be taught how to carve into wax using a variety of waxes, how to carve a seat for a gemstone using different setting methods and how to set the stones into the wax.

You will learn which stones can be used for this process and will create one-off pieces such as ring and charm in wax with stones set in them. You should be able to create two different items within the day.

Introduction to materials , tools and lost wax casting process will be taught as a group. Thereafter, students will receive individual advice for specific items

If you wish to have the piece cast in metal you will need to take your final wax project/s to a casting company. We will provide you with contact details

What will I need to bring?

We will supply all tools and consumable materials such as wax and Cubic Zirconia stones.

You could bring your own stones you wish to work, a list of stones suitable for this technique will be provided on request. You are also invited to bring a wax carved piece that you wish to set stone in.

Please bring suitable clothing and footwear for Health & Safety reasons

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I loved the wax carving course – the process is fun, you can create pretty much anything you want – from organic shapes to precise geometric pieces. All within a limited timeframe, to take your finished piece home at the end of the day!

Sybille de Cussy

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