Course Outline

This one-day course will give you a solid overview of many of the key topics relating to gems and gemmology, from the scientific aspects of the subject to the practical side of gem properties and identification. You will learn to use some of the main gemmologist’s tools and have a chance to examine a wide range of gemstones.

What will we learn?

  • Science of gemmology
  • Gem basics
  • Gem sourcing
  • Gemstone properties and identification
  • Valuation and buying tips

This course is suitable for complete beginners to the subject and will also interest those with some previous knowledge, such as jewellery makers who want to learn more about the materials they use.

What will I need to bring?

Students need only bring their energy and enthusiasm, plus something for making notes. Everything else will be provided

A gemstone reference book RRP £10 will be included in the price

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This course is a brilliant introduction to gems. Lots of key, but easily digested, information and a great chance to have a play with some technical tools. Stuart manages to cover a broad range of areas within the gem trade all in one day! Which may sound overwhelming, i can assure you it’s anything but. I highly recommend this course for any gem enthusiast be you a goldsmith, retailer, collector or jewellery wearer wanting to learn more!

Lauren Lovett

The great advantage of a Nineteen48 workshop is that your gemstone takes on a new life, a deeper connection.

For all designers like myself a deeper understanding of the origins and ethnology of mining gives a richer dimension to the gemstones in your work.

Christopher Anderson Design

My time at the gemmology workshop with Stuart was really informative.  Stuart is a great speaker and clearly enjoys spreading the word about all things ethical. Many thanks!

Hannah Bedford

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