Keum Boo: Gold Foil Overlay (1 Day)

Keum Boo: Gold Foil Overlay (1 Day)

Course Outline

Keum Boo is the ancient, intriguing and surprisingly simple Korean technique of bonding pure gold to the surface of silver by means of heat and pressure, allowing you to add decorative accents to your jewellery pieces.

This technique may be used in combination with various texturing techniques to add fascinating qualities to the metal surface.

What will we learn?

  • To prepare the silver surface by means of ‘depletion gilding’
  • To prepare the metal surface to receive the gold foil
  • To cut and to apply gold foil to the silver surface
  • Methods of emphasising the contrasting colours by adding texture or by oxidising
  • The theory of applying decorative gold accents to completed jewellery pieces
  • Where to obtain tools and materials for future practice

You will create decorative pieces from which to make jewellery. If time allows, we will investigate the process of adding foil to finished pieces.

Your tutor will work with you as a group and as individuals to support and guide you through your learning.

What will I need to bring?

We will supply all the tools and equipment needed for jewellery making, as well as gold foil.

Participants must provide their own silver, please bring FINE SILVER to work with. The prepatory process of depletion gilding will be demonstrated, however this is time consuming and will limit the amount of pieces you will be able to make.

Please wear closed shoes for Health & Safety reasons

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