Resin for Jewellery (2 days)

Resin for Jewellery (2 days)

Course Outline

Resin is a fantastic way to add colour and interest to your jewellery. This versatile medium can be used in a variety of ways including combining it with metals, plastic, wood or other materials, or using it with moulds. It also allows you to embed images and objects. The possibilities are varied and vast!

This course will introduce you to a variety of resin applications, using odourless, epoxy resin, which is UV stable and VOC and BPA free. This makes it safe to work with at home, without having to use expensive extraction systems.

What will we learn?

You will learn how to measure, mix and add colour using a variety of different colour mediums to create a metallic look and transparent and opaque colours. Other learned techniques will include embedding images and small objects/elements, cold enamelling, filling open-backed bezels and removing air bubbles.

There will be discussions and demonstrations on how to finish off resin by sanding, polishing, drilling and adding findings to turn your pieces into jewellery.

The course is suitable for all levels, from beginners to advanced jewellery makers.

What will I need to bring?

All resin and equipment will be supplied, including a few bezel blanks. Please bring your own jewellery pieces that you would like to fill or add resin to. If you have no previous experience of jewellery making, additional bezels may be purchased during the course.

You may also bring any small objects and items that you find interesting and would like to embed, e.g. photos, dried flowers, mesh, loose eye shadow, dried herbs, sparkles etc.

Due to the 24hr cure time of the resin, work will need to be collected at a later date after the end of the course.

Please wear closed shoes for health & safety reasons

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