Casting techniques for jewellery (1 Day)

Casting techniques for jewellery (1 Day)

Course Outline

This course will introduce you to casting techniques used in jewellery making, including Delft clay sand casting and cuttlefish casting

You will have the opportunity to make a piece using each of these processes.

You will learn how to design models, prepare moulds and cast silver into them, and how to finish and polish the cast pieces.

This introductory course will give you an insight into how to approach the medium through a series of demonstrations followed by individual practice.

What will we learn?

You will learn how to create one-off pieces by casting molten metal into moulds

The Delft clay technique uses specially prepared sand to create a mould. The dense, reusable sand can pick up details from impressions made by solid objects

Cuttlefish casting uses the skeleton of the cuttlefish, the design is carved into the bone to create a cavity which is then filled with molten metal

You will learn how to prepare the moulds, how to melt the metal and how to pour it into the moulds to create your jewellery

What will I need to bring?

We will supply all the tools & equipment needed for this course. The course cost also includes silver casting grain to the value of £30

We recommend that you bring any sterling silver old jewellery pieces or scraps, as these can be used in the casting process.

Models can either be made in polymer clay, or you could use a solid object such as plastic or wooden forms that you want to cast into silver.  A selection of models will be provided, but you may also bring your own.

Come with one or two ideas, either in a sketchbook or a model, and be prepared to adapt your ideas to the medium.

Please wear closed shoes for Health & safety reasons

Very instructive. Well recommended. Loved the teacher

Marina Popvici

With super friendly people had a happy time! I hope I can come back here again

Rokhee Kim

Good introduction to the process. Very informative. Thank you!

Jan & Nat Ashton

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