Coronavirus measures at London Jewellery Workshop

We are delighted to welcome you back to London Jewellery Workshop

It will not be business as usual to begin with.  The tuition we are able to offer may be different to that which you received before, it will take some time before services return to what you previously experienced as normal. Please be patient as we all adjust to the new measures.

Having undertaken a thorough review of the studio we have put a number of measures in place to ensure that both staff and customers are as safe as possible.

What are London Jewellery Workshop doing to minimise the risks?

  • Every surface including workbenches, tools and equipment will be cleaned regularly and wiped with an appropriate sanitiser between each use
  • Group class sizes are reduced to a maximum of 4 participants, with perspex screens surrounding each work station
  • We will ensure adequate ventilation using our extraction unit and with open doors whenever possible
  • Teaching will be managed to allow for social distancing as much as possible within the space. At times it will be necessary to be closer to your tutor, for example when they are demonstrating or when individual support is required. Our tutors will wear a face shield at these times and we would ask that all students wear a mask when possible
  • Staff will not shake your hand (or hug you) on arrival or departure
  • Students will only be able to use the tool sets provided for them at their workbench. Your tutor will provide you with anything else you might need
  • Free movement in the studio will be managed differently. For example we ask that if there is someone in the sink/polishing area, that you wait until they have finished before you approach
  • We share the toilets with all the other studios in the block, we therefore cannot be held responsible for their hygiene or your safety if you choose to use them.
  • If you show symptoms before or following your booking, you should contact London Jewellery Workshop immediately to let us know

What will we require from you:

  • Please use the hand sanitiser provided upon entering the workshop
  • Please wear additional layers so that we can keep the doors open as much as possible
  • Please do not arrive too early for your lesson. If necessary, you should wait outside the studio until the appointed time
  • We will ask you to leave bags and coats in a storage box rather than on the door hooks to avoid cross contamination, so please bring only the minimum you require and do not place belongings on the floor or the workbench
  • Please provide your own mask for use on arrival and when there is a need to be close to your tutor or others
  • A cotton apron is highly recommended, we would usually provide these to every student, however that isn’t possible at the moment. Please bring your own apron to avoid any cross contamination.
  • Although we would usually offer refreshments such as hot or cold drinks, we will not be able to do so at the moment. Please bring any drinks with you. (Non-alcoholic of course for health and safety reasons)
  • Please do not help yourself to tools, your tutor will provide you with everything you need and tidy it all away after the lesson once cleaned and saniitised

In the event of the workshop closing due to a second wave or a positive test from one of our staff or customers, students will be offered a voucher to the value of the remaining amount due, valid for 1 year from date of closure.

If you think you may have the virus, we ask that you keep us updated by emailing


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